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5 Fall Balayage Color Ideas October 11, 2017

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
5 Fall Balayage Color Ideas, Manhattan, New York

If you’re ready for a new look, there’s no better time than the present. Women’s hair coloring is going bold and brilliant this fall, with balayage stealing the show. Whether you’re tempted by riveting red or glistening chestnut, this season offers something for everyone. As the go-to salon in Hell’s Kitchen, America Hair Style International staffs New York City’s top stylists, utilizing state-the-art techniques to spice up your strands. Below are their favorite balayage ideas for fall.

5 Fall Balayage Ideas

1. Angelic Blonde

A more subtle look, you’ll achieve an angel-like appearance with light, platinum strands. Perfect for blondes who want to step it up a notch, this women’s coloring favorite drifts into near-white territory, providing a doll-like vibe with a simple, yet stunning glow.

2. Smokey Silver

Break the mold with this edgy look. A fade to silver is sure to turn heads, especially if you start out with deep purple or teal. Not ready to take that step? Try black and watch as your locks slowly transform into a deep, smokey hue. Whether you’re ready for a night on the town or a brunch date with friends, you’ll be tressed to impress.

3. Brownie Blend

balayageThis rich shade suits the season well, blending light caramel tones with a warm brown. The look is incredibly versatile, creating a rich mix to complement your favorite fall flavors. Whether you’re already brunette or dying to go there, this balayage is the go-to way to blend tones. 

4. Copper Haven

This radiant red blends ginger with bold, bright shades for a multi-dimensional look. Ideal for bringing out your inner redhead, a fade to copper shines on brunettes as well. Ask your hairstylist how to make the most of your natural shade to achieve these lustrous, envy-provoking strands.

5. Star-Worthy Black

The galaxy trend is everywhere, from nails to fashion. Your locks are no exception, so if you want to take a stylish step up, ask your hairstylist for a jet-black base fueled with metallic shades of purple, pink, and teal. With a truly out-of-this-world appearance, you’ll be a standout anywhere.

If you want to try balayage this season, trust your strands to America Hair Style International. No matter which color or cut you’re aiming for, these experts will help you achieve your dream hairdo. Visit their website for more information, or call (212) 315-1527 to schedule your appointment today!

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