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Heating Professionals Discuss Preparing Your Furnace for the Winter October 10, 2017

Madison, Richland
Heating Professionals Discuss Preparing Your Furnace for the Winter, Madison, Ohio

Fall has arrived, which means your furnace will be getting a workout over the coming months. Taking care of maintenance now will ensure your home is comfortable during the winter. Here, the heating professionals at Aire Serv of Mansfield in Ohio list four simple steps you can take to ensure your furnace is ready to take on the cold weather. 

How to Prepare Your Heating System for the Winter

1. Remove Flammable Items Around the Furnace

Since you haven’t used your furnace for a few months, you may have stored some flammable items near it. Newspapers, flammable liquids, and cleaning products are some common objects that can create a fire that will quickly spread throughout your home. Before you turn your heating system on, remove these items from the area. It’s recommended you keep any combustible materials at least three feet away from heat-producing appliances to avoid dangerous situations.

2. Check Your Heating Appliances

heatingMany people wait until the temperature drops to run their heating appliances, but by then it’s too late to discover they’re not working. Since you’ve probably haven’t heated your home for a while, it’s best to run the furnace for an hour or two on a cool day to ensure there aren’t any issues. It’s also a good idea to check your thermostat to make sure it’s in the correct mode and is working properly. 

3. Change & Clean the Air Filter

If the air filter in your furnace is dirty, it can result in restricted air flow, reduced efficiency, and an overheated heat exchanger. It’s recommended you change your air filter every 90 days. Doing so will increase the furnace’s efficiency and allow it to last longer, saving you money in the long run.

The arrival of fall means the cold winter months are just around the corner. Preparing your heating system now will ensure you’re warm when the winter arrives. If you need heating, air conditioning, or furnace repairs, Aire Serv of Mansfield is there to help. To schedule an inspection from a professional, call (419) 549-5967, or visit their website to learn more.