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Soaking in Hot Tubs Will Improve Your Workout & Recovery October 9, 2017

East Rochester, Monroe
Soaking in Hot Tubs Will Improve Your Workout & Recovery, East Rochester, New York

Whether you’re an experienced athlete or just getting back in shape, the more relaxed your muscles are, the less sore you feel. While stretching will help relieve tension, it may not be enough to eliminate soreness after a workout. Luckily, hot tubs can provide the comfort you crave. 

Here, the team at Pettis Pools & Patio in Greece and East Rochester, NY, area explains how soaking in hot tubs—both before and after your workout—may help your muscles recover faster.

Before the Workout

The key to getting a good workout is having loose muscles. When your muscles are tight, your range of motion is smaller, and your ability to move is constricted. For example, a runner with tight hamstrings may struggle to lengthen their stride, and a weightlifter with tight shoulders may not be able to comfortably perform as many repetitions as they would like. While stretching will alleviate some of the tension, it may not get rid of it all. Your muscles relax more effectively when they’re warm, which is why in-home spas can loosen tight muscles before a strenuous workout. For best results, sit in the hot tub for about 10 minutes before stretching to prepare for your workout. That way, you’ll be able to stretch more deeply and reduce stiffness.

After Exercising

Hot TubsJust as soaking helps loosen your muscles before a workout, it will also keep you limber after you exercise. When you finish your routine, your muscles will stiffen, creating the soreness most people are used to experiencing the day after they exercise. Instead of sticking to your regular post-workout stretches, soak for 20 minutes in your hot tub. Just make sure your heart rate has slowed and your muscles have cooled down before you get in the spa. The more relaxed you feel, the less your muscles will stiffen up.

Let the team at Pettis Pools & Patio find the best hot tubs and in-home spas for your needs. Their wide selection of models can accommodate just about every budget and patio size. You can also visit their website for more information. To schedule an installation or speak with a friendly member of their team, call (585) 392-7711 for their Greece location and (585) 383-0700 for their East Rochester team.

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