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7 Proven Tips to Help You Speed Up Your Remodeling & Updating Process February 10, 2015

Lincoln, Lancaster
7 Proven Tips to Help You Speed Up Your Remodeling & Updating Process, Lincoln, Nebraska

Remodeling is always a big undertaking. Whether you want a simple kitchen design or you're preparing for a total basement remodeling project, doing your utmost to help the renovation process run smoothly could save you from the madness suffered by so many other unprepared homeowners. 

InsideOut Renovations in Lincoln is a true industry leader in home renovating, and has been delighting Nebraskans with superb bath, floor and kitchen remodeling services for many years. When you need renovations done, they are undoubtedly the ones you want to trust! 

So, the next time you're considering a remodeling job, follow these seven tips from the pros:

  1. Designer-certified: Decide if you’re going to be the designer. Come up with a design you love and then see if you need an architect to help make it happen. If you don’t want to employ an architect, only work with a remodeling contractor that you are on very good working terms with.
  2. Feasibility: Meet with the contractors and discuss your materials and desires. Most importantly, get your detailed contracting schedule, payments, and project completion dates.
  3. Schedule a meeting: Hold a meeting with the main players in your redesign scheme. Architect, foreman and construction company owner should all be invited. Discuss your ground rules, go over the plans, take them on a tour of your house, and decide who will be your person of contact. Schedule a weekly update time upon which you will check in with this person to discuss logistics and how things are progressing.
  4. Clear the area: Plan a time to clear all your belongings from the area that will be renovated, and decide how it’s going to be sealed off from the rest of the house. If you’re doing a kitchen remodeling, you may have to set up a mini-kitchen, or hire a camper for a couple of days.
  5. Demolition: Leave it to the crew to demolish your old area. Check that they are not letting debris into the rest of the house.
  6. Construction: Watch your plans come to life by following every stage of the process with a detailed plan from your contractor. You should know precisely what they are doing every day, and you should be mentally checking off their progress as you go along.
  7. Final tours: Before you say farewell, take two tours around the house with your contractor. Take the first one just before the construction crews move out, and then again immediately after. For the first tour, itemize any details that need to be finished, and if you notice any mistakes be sure to get them corrected. For your final inspection, go about the same tour with your contractor and confirm that everything is to your satisfaction.

Follow these tips to give your next remodeling job greater fluidity, efficiency and transparency. And of course, when you need the best kitchen or bathroom remodeling team in Lincoln, NE, be sure to call InsideOut Renovations at (402) 474-0028, or visit these pros online for more info on remodeling and updating. 

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