Brooklyn Heights, New York
180 Montague Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 222-1515
Best specialty grocery store in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood of New York.

New Product To Boost Your Food and Health! January 31, 2015

Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn
New Product To Boost Your Food and Health!, Brooklyn, New York

Balsamic Pearls are small, soft and often found inside the highest quality balsamic vinegar, helping to not only maintain its flavor profile but also ensure that the deep, rich aroma is not lost as well. Often compared to caviar in terms the appearance and distinctive flavor, balsamic pearls are an excellent choice when you want to spruce up any number of foods, including but not limited to: fruit, dessert, appetizers, salads, meats, fish, and more. Adding both a pop of flavor and an inspired appearance, balsamic pearls are also a diet-friendly option that help stabilize cholesterol, regulate blood pressure, and keep your blood sugar steady as well. What’s not to love?