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Senior Care Experts Highlight 3 Possible Signs of Dementia October 3, 2017

Toms River, Ocean County
Senior Care Experts Highlight 3 Possible Signs of Dementia, Toms River, New Jersey

Dementia is a neurodegenerative disorder that can rob your loved ones of their memories and well-being. This progressive disease has many warning signs, although in some cases, it might manifest suddenly. The sooner you seek treatment for your loved one, the better control you’ll have over the condition, which is why it’s crucial to identify the early signs. For the best senior care regimen, keep an eye out for the following symptoms, and report any to a physician immediately.

3 Possible Signs of Dementia

1. Trouble Finding Words

It’s normal to struggle to find a specific word mid-sentence or to stumble over a few consonants. However, when it becomes a regular part of a loved one’s speech and inhibits their ability to communicate, it can signify underlying cognitive issues. If you notice it’s becoming difficult to hold conversations with a loved one or that frequent lapses in speech are drawing out the duration of these discussions, schedule a consultation with a senior care physician.

2. Short-Term Memory Loss

senior careMemory loss is the symptom most commonly associated with dementia. Some memory loss is to be expected with age, but it mostly has to do with things that happened a long time ago. With dementia, though, short-term memory is the first to go. You might notice your loved one has difficulty remembering daily tasks, where they left items, or forgets what they are doing. A neurologist can check if this symptom is associated with dementia, so don’t delay treatment if you suspect an issue.

3. Confusion & Mood Shifts

As your loved one becomes aware of their memory loss, they may begin to feel confused or angry. These sharp mood swings can come unexpectedly and lead to depression, which is common in the early stages of dementia. This confusion can also create personality changes. You might notice a loved one is suddenly more outgoing in situations where they would normally be reserved. This is due to a lack of judgment within their confusion.


The senior care staff at Visiting Angels is dedicated to providing the best home care services for seniors in Toms River, NJ. Whether it’s basic or Alzheimer’s care, their devoted team treats all clients with compassion and attention. Call (732) 240-1050 to speak with a senior care representative today, and visit their website to learn more about their services.

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