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Jersey City Real Estate Agency on What to Expect During a Home Inspection October 11, 2017

Historic Downtown, Jersey City
Jersey City Real Estate Agency on What to Expect During a Home Inspection, Jersey City, New Jersey

When you’re purchasing a new home, it’s easy to get lost in the excitement of the process. In your enthusiasm, you might miss some significant underlying issues, such as structural or systemic problems that require careful consideration and impact the value of your investment. EXIT Realty Urban Living, a cutting-edge real estate agency in Jersey City, NJ, shares why it’s critical to get a home inspection for your new house to protect your interests.

Real Estate Agency’s Guide to Home Inspections

How Do I Find a Professional?

Though some states do not require licensing for home inspectors, all of them need some formal training. An experienced real estate company will share a list of reputable professionals they have worked with in the past to help you choose someone to examine your new home.

What Can I Expect From the Process?

Real Estate AgencyHome inspectors are trained to provide a non-invasive, thorough examination of your house. Depending on the size of your home, expect to have the contractor stay for several hours, as there are a number of items they will review. Once they’ve completed the examination, they will prepare a written report for your use, which is helpful when it comes to negotiations and understanding necessary repair costs.

What Specifics Do They Review?

A contractor will check the plumbing, examining water heaters, pipes, toilets, sinks, and exterior faucets for drips or non-functional parts. They will also perform a visual check of the exterior, including the roof, covering, doors, and windows. Finally, the inspector will test the HVAC units, check the ductwork, and all of the home’s outlets and appliances, as well as the property’s electrical panel.

What Is Not Included?

Pests, swimming pools or hot tubs, exterior gas and plumbing lines, septic systems or water wells, are all examples of items an inspector won’t check. Contractors look for clues that indicate an issue with your home, but cannot determine problems behind walls or underground. If you need more specific inspections for your property, ask your real estate company for a list of trusted contacts.

If you’re interested in a property for sale in the North Jersey area, look to the experts at Exit Realty Urban Living to provide professional, reliable assistance. As a licensed real estate agency, they have a unique understanding of the home buying process in Hudson County and will also provide the necessary contacts you need to have a house inspected. Speak with a representative by calling (201) 380-4200 or check the available properties online.