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The Super Movers: NYC's Best Movers on How to Avoid Moving Schemes February 9, 2015

Gowanus, Brooklyn
The Super Movers: NYC's Best Movers on How to Avoid Moving Schemes, Brooklyn, New York

Since their inception in 2008, The Super Movers, a venture founded by a local couple, has risen to be one of NYC’s most reliable moving companies. Whether you need commercial movers, residential movers, or long to short term storage options, the Super Movers team has your back for any and all of your moving and storage needs. 

When it comes to hiring movers, trusting the crew is of the utmost importance. That’s just one of the arguments for using a smaller company, where you can really get to know the people you're considering hiring.

Unfortunately, it can be rather easy to fall into a moving scheme or rip-off. There are many tricks that unscrupulous companies will try to pull, such as the “hostage goods” and “advance deposit” schemes, which are two of the most common ruses you'll want to look for. 

In the former situation, movers wait until the move is complete, then they refuse to relinquish your things until you pay a far higher fee than the one you were originally quoted. In the second situation, a company asks for a deposit up-front—and then they never show up!

That’s why picking a company with a stellar reputation and great word-of-mouth is key. Is the business you’ve chosen properly licensed? Have they been known to change rates on clients unexpectedly? These are all crucial questions to ask, and to thoroughly research until they get answered.

When you go through Super Movers, you pay only for what you need, so there’s never any hidden fees or catches. Super Movers services clients across all five boroughs, and they’re available on short notice, which is a perk that’s not always easy to find. 

The result of Super Movers' steadfast commitment to customer service is the kind of quality and trust that’s designed to put your mind at ease. The prospect of changing homes and transporting your belongings may seem overwhelmingly at first, but when you use a reputable local company like The Super Movers, you never have to worry. To find out more, call The Super Movers at (718) 701-5272 today.

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