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3 Tips on Decorating Your Cubicle From Office Space Planning Experts October 4, 2017

Davenport, Lincoln
3 Tips on Decorating Your Cubicle From Office Space Planning Experts, Davenport, Washington

Designed to offer minimal privacy while maintaining a professional feel, office cubicles are anything but glamorous. However, with a little careful office space planning and a few simple additions, your cube can feel like a home away from home.

Here are three tips for decorating your cubicle from local experts:

Brighten Up Those Walls

One of the most difficult things about working inside of a cubicle is the fact that the walls tend to be gray and dingy, which is why a little wall art can be so helpful. Consider covering those bland fabric walls with large pieces of framed art or dozens of framed photos. To make your cubicle wall even more fun, consider creating a collage wall that mixes photos, art pieces, and hanging décor items.

Choose Decorative Office Supplies

When you work inside of a cubicle, you only have so much space for decorations, so opt for decorative office supplies instead of run-of-the-mill staplers, hole punches, and pen holders. If you want to make your space feel glamorous, opt for gold or marble office supplies and paperweights—and don’t be afraid to add high-end elements such as clocks, fresh flowers, and your favorite books.

Ask for a New Chair 

office space planningAlthough you can’t easily change the desk inside of your cubicle because it is built-in, you can swap out that boring black office chair for something a little more your style. Ask your company if they will replace your office chair with something more interesting or comfortable, or consider bringing in your own from home.


Could your company use a little help with office space planning in the Spokane area? Ask your boss to call Install or Move, Inc. in Davenport, WA, to talk about new furniture, reconfiguration services, and even professional office design. With an eye for detail and a commitment to their customers, these relocation experts make office space planning fun and easy. To schedule your consultation, send them a message online or call (509) 725-2477.

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