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Do You Need Lawn Mower Repair or Replacement? October 11, 2017

West Hamilton, Hamilton
Do You Need Lawn Mower Repair or Replacement?, Hamilton, Ohio

If you run a landscaping business, a dependable lawn mower is vital to your daily operations. When your equipment isn’t running as it should, bringing it to an expert for lawn mower repair will prolong its life. However, it may be a better investment to purchase a replacement instead. How can you tell which one is the better option?

Signs Your Lawn Mower Should Be Replaced

1. You’ve Already Needed a Handful of Repairs

How many times have you taken your mower to a mechanic for repairs in the past couple of years? If it’s more than twice, you should consider getting a new one. Older mowers are more likely to break down again and require further fixes, interrupting your yard work and requiring a trip to the repair shop.

2. You’re Having Engine Problems

lawn mower repairThe engine is the most important and costly part of your mower. Common signs of engine trouble include difficulty starting, losing power while mowing, or smoke emanating from the machine. These could indicate issues with the fuel lines, muffler, oil chamber, or spark plugs, all of which can cause serious damage to the engine. While some issues are repairable, many engine troubles are expensive to fix, so you’re likely better off purchasing a new mower.

3. The Transmission Is the Trouble

After your engine, the transmission is the second-most expensive part of your mower. Without a working transmission, your equipment will not move or cut the grass. If the belts are in good shape, but the mower won’t budge, the transmission may not be running fast enough to grip the belts and turn the wheels. Like engine problems, transmission troubles are expensive to fix, meaning a replacement could save you more money in the long run.

Small lawn mower repairs, such as fixing the blade or wheels, are inexpensive and quick to complete. For bigger issues, though, talk with a technician about whether buying a new machine is the better choice.


To learn whether you need lawn mower repair or replacement, consult the experts at Hamilton Rental Center. Their mechanics know the ins and outs of your equipment and will provide honest advice. If your mower requires some maintenance and you need a mower in the meantime — or you don’t want to replace it — you can also rent one from them. To learn about their repair services and rental rates, visit their website or call the Butler County, OH, company at (513) 868-8665.

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