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When to Use a Retaining Wall for Your Landscape Design October 10, 2017

Ruby Hill, Denver
When to Use a Retaining Wall for Your Landscape Design, Denver, Colorado

Retaining walls can serve multiple purposes at once. They add more usable land, provide extra seating, and serve as a water runoff. But how do you know if a retaining wall fits into your landscape design? Denver Sprinkler and Landscape is a team of design experts serving Denver, CO, and surrounding areas. Here, they explain when you might need a retaining wall in your yard as opposed to installing one for merely aesthetic reasons.

3 Signs You Need a Retaining Wall

1. Controlling Erosion

Retaining walls are great for controlling downhill erosion. To avoid soil and dirt from sliding down and clogging up other areas of your yard, you can add a retaining wall to hold back the soil. The wall can also be used to change the angle of the slope and add extra seating.

2. Your Home Is Downhill From a Fault Line

landscape designYour home may not be at risk for erosion now, but it could be a problem under the right conditions. For example, if you live in an area that’s prone to earthquakes and your home is downhill from the fault line, a retaining wall adds stability and peace of mind. Of course, the retaining wall also adds some style to your landscape design.

3. Your Foundation Is Threatened by a Sliding Hill

Erosion can be a concern for the foundation of your home, too. For example, if your home has a downhill foundation, the soil may be washed away. In that case, building a retaining wall is structurally important to protect your home’s foundation.

You don’t have to have a dire reason to add a retaining wall to your landscape design because they’re not merely functional. Instead, they also add a style and unique beauty to your yard. Denver Sprinkler and Landscape will help you design the yard of your dreams. They also offer landscape maintenance and irrigation services. Visit their website for more information, or call them directly at (303) 993-8717. You can also find the company on Facebook.

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