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4 Ways Averte Natural Woven Shades by Horizon® Improve Interior Design October 16, 2017

Kihei, Maui
4 Ways Averte Natural Woven Shades by Horizon® Improve Interior Design, Kihei, Hawaii

The right blinds can pull a room together but are often an overlooked feature. Many people stick with traditional mini-blinds and focus on curtains, but Averte Natural Woven Shades by Horizon® allow you to add layers rather than just covering up your windows. Beaver Interiors, a leader in custom window treatments in Kihei, HI, explains how this unique option will provide style and flexibility to your home’s interior design.

How Averte Natural Woven Shades by Horizon Elevate Your Interior Design

Natural-Woven Valance

custom window treatmentsNatural-woven shades are made of organic material such as reeds, bamboo, or grass, providing an outdoor feel, rich texture, and warm appearance. The use of renewable resources allows you to connect your home’s decor with the landscape outside. The earthy materials used means no two blinds will be the same, giving you a unique feature for your home.

Simple Maneuverability

Traditional mini-blinds can wear down and break sooner because too much weight is put on the cord lift. Averte Natural Woven Shades are cordless, so you can alleviate this recurring problem by simply sliding them open.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning traditional mini-blinds can be difficult because they are thin and inflexible so applying too much pressure will cause them to break apart. Averte Natural Woven Shades ensure this will never be an issue again. These blinds are very flexible, decreasing the chance of breaking them while dusting.

Affordable Quality

A fear of extravagant prices might sway you to buy simple mini-blinds. Despite the superior design and adaptability, however, Averte Natural Woven Shades use affordable fabrics that allow them to fit any budget.

Averte Natural Woven Shades by Horizon offer the versatility, quality, and affordability you desire for your home. If you want to add these custom window treatments to your decor, count on the interior design services from Beaver Interiors. They’ve been a trusted name in the Kihei community since 1984, and they know how to make your home uniquely yours. For more information, call (808) 879-5089 or visit their website.

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