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Bayside Attorneys Answer 4 FAQs About Workers’ Compensation Law October 2, 2017

East Garden City, Hempstead
Bayside Attorneys Answer 4 FAQs About Workers’ Compensation Law, Hempstead, New York

If you’ve been hurt on the job, it’s important to understand workers' compensation law to successfully file a claim. The attorneys at Bronnberg & Henriquez PC in Bayside, NY, are well-known for fighting on behalf of people who’ve suffered from debilitating work injuries or illness. They believe it’s crucial to provide clients with the insight they need to make informed decisions; to that end, below they answer some common questions on the topic. 

A Quick Guide to Workers’ Compensation Law

1. What Should I Do If I Have an Accident at Work?

workers' compensation law If you have an accident at work, immediately report the issue to your supervisor. If you fail to document the incident in a timely manner, your ability to file a claim may be jeopardized. Many attorneys urge their clients to file even if no injury is evident. In some cases, physical damage will only present itself later, which is why the initial reporting is so crucial.

2. Are Illnesses Covered?

Along with work injuries, you can also file claims for work-related illnesses; for instance, if you develop carpal tunnel syndrome or another repetitive motion disorder. Virtually any ailment that results from work is eligible, provided it prevents you from carrying out your job tasks.

3. Can I Be Compensated if I’m to Blame?

Unlike personal injury claims where negligence must be established, it is not a factor in receiving benefits. Employers pay for this insurance expressly to cover any injuries or illnesses that arise as a result of a job duty. However, there are exceptions, such as when a staff member is harmed while being inebriated on the job.

4. Will My Job Be Available When I Go Back?

As long as you can still perform the tasks related to your job, you should be able to take on the same position. If you can do another type of job and that role is available, your employer is obligated to offer that option to you.  

If you’ve been hurt on the job and need assistance navigating workers’ compensation law, the team at Bronnberg & Henriquez PC offer quality legal counsel. Serving Queens, the Bronx, Nassau County, Bayside and Garden City, they have earned a reputation for being accessible and providing trusted representation. Schedule a consultation with these respected attorneys today by calling (718) 509-6788. You can also visit the firm online for more information on their experience in this practice area.

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