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Reasons to Trade or Sell Your iPhones September 22, 2017

King of Prussia, Montgomery County
Reasons to Trade or Sell Your iPhones, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

It’s that time of year again, iPhone trading season. With the announcement and release dates of the two new iPhones, now is the best time to trade and sell your phones. If you’re not convinced, here are some reasons to trade or sell your phones:

  1. You Make Fast Money

Trading in or selling a cell phone is super easy. All you need to do is come into the store with your phone. If your phone is unlocked you’ll be out the door with a pocket full of cash in a jiffy. If it’s not, we can help you unlock your phone, the process just takes a couple minutes longer.


  1. Cash Towards a New Phone

Some mobile companies let you get an early upgrade, but this leaves your old phone sitting around and collecting dust. If you sell your old phone, you can have some extra cash to buy a better new phone.The new iPhones are not cheap, selling your old phone can help make the new iPhones more affordable.

  1. Trade in Prices are at their Highest

When a new iPhone is announced, the prices for selling or trading in your phone sky rocket. So while the iPhone 8 is still brand new and before the iPhone X comes out is the best time to trade in your iPhones. In a few months the prices will go down for all of the older iPhone models.

  1. We Pay You the Most

Experimac pays the best price for your iPhones. On average we pay $50-$150 more than our competitors. In fact, we pay $190 more than one popular cell service provider for an iPhone 6s Plus. Experimac King of Prussia aims to make Apple devices affordable to everyone, that includes people who want the newest items. We give you a premium so you can enjoy the newest gadgets, and others can more easily access Apple products. That’s what we call a win-win- win!

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