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3 Benefits of Choosing a Professional Hand Car Wash to Clean Your Vehicle September 29, 2017

Deer Park, Babylon
3 Benefits of Choosing a Professional Hand Car Wash to Clean Your Vehicle, Babylon, New York

For many vehicle owners, there's nothing quite as rewarding as a freshly washed car, yet today's busy schedules leave many drivers without the time to complete the task themselves. Fortunately, a professional car wash allows you to achieve the beautiful, clean look of a new car without the work or time commitment. While the automatic options may entice your interests, they don't offer the same level of care as a hand wash service. Learn about the unmatched benefits provided by professional hand car cleaning. 

3 Benefits of Choosing a Professional Hand Car Wash to Clean Your Vehicle

1. Get a Thorough Clean

car washOne of the top advantages of a hand wash is the thoroughness. Unlike an automatic wash, hand washing provides a superior level of clean because the technicians inspect their work as they go. This process ensures every square inch of the casing receives adequate attention, and you can drive away with the professional-grade clean you deserve.

2. Protect Your Paint

A hand wash can also help protect your paint. When clear coat and wax is applied to an unclean surface, it can seal those left behind particles onto your paint. Not only does this create an unwelcome eyesore, but it can also allow acidic particles to eat away the paint. With an automatic wash, there's no guarantee that all of the buildup and debris has been removed from the vehicle, but professionals make sure the surface is completely clear before adding a protective coating.

3. Avoid Damage

Automatic car washes rely on various moving parts along with high-pressure water to tackle tough dirt, but these tools aren't infallible. Poor calibration or a system malfunction can damage your vehicle through direct contact by chipping the paint or denting the body. Fortunately, a hand wash is operated by humans who can control their actions without the needs of an algorithm, which substantially lowers the risk for damage occurring.


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