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Local Flood Damage Restoration Team Shares 3 Ways to Prevent Basement Floods October 2, 2017

New York, Queens
Local Flood Damage Restoration Team Shares 3 Ways to Prevent Basement Floods, New York, New York

A flood in your basement is not only a tremendous hassle to clean up, but also a damaging force that could threaten your home’s infrastructure, necessitating costly repairs. With some guidance, you can quickly learn how to avoid flooding situations. The flood damage restoration specialists at North Eastern Cleaning & Restoration in Jackson Heights, NY, share a few tips to help you prevent basement floods and protect your home.

Flood Damage Restoration Company on the 3 Tips to Defend Against Basement Floods

Clean Out Your Gutters

The purpose of your gutters is to divert water away from the house. When they fail to perform their duty, water can collect near the foundation of your home, seeping into the basement and leading to water damage. To help your gutters stay functional, you should periodically remove any leaves or detritus that may have accumulated there. 

flood damage restorationPerform a Sump Pump Check

A sump pump is the front line of your basement’s defenses against flooding. Any pooling water will be collected and drained by the pump—as long as it’s working properly. Like your gutters, it can be thwarted by an overwhelming amount of detritus. Don’t forget to visit your basement, and check the filter to ensure the water has a clear path of egress.

Inspect the Foundation

When there are cracks in your home’s foundation or basement walls, water will have an easy time leaking in from any heavy rains. To prevent this, you’ll need to inspect the infrastructure and identify any vulnerable areas. Then, using epoxy or another sealer, fill up the cracks to stop the water flow. 

If you are ever stricken with water damage, reach out to North Eastern Cleaning & Restoration in New York City area immediately. You can speak to a friendly staff member by calling (212) 461-4048. They have become known as the region’s premier specialists in flood damage restoration and offer everything from home cleanings to mold remediation. Learn more about the water damage restoration company by visiting their website

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