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What Is the Alexander Technique? August 13, 2019

Kensington, 13
What Is the Alexander Technique?, 13, Maryland

Think about how many times daily you reach for an object. If, every time you reach, you stress your lower back a little, what does a full day to do you? It’s no wonder why so many suffer from chronic pain. The Alexander Technique is a mindful approach to moving your body the right way. When you do the same range of movements each day, your health and wellness hinges on how you’re doing it. The Alexander Technique is made to answer that question and help you make the right changes.

Basics of the Alexander Technique

OurHolistic Healing posture is best when it’s natural. We work manual jobs, sit for very long periods of time, and sustain injuries. Our bodies adopt new ways to move based on these pressures, and bad postural habits are born — this leads to slouching, back pain, and inefficient breathing. The Alexander Technique holds that holistic healing begins in the mind. It teaches patients to be aware of the relationship between their movement and bodily alignment so they can maintain better relaxation and stability throughout their daily tasks.

Structure of the Program

As a mind-body approach to health and wellness, the Alexander Technique is all about learning and relaxation. You’ll work with qualified Alexander Technique instructors to break down your posture and daily movement habits, finding out how different activities place strain on your body. Once you learn what must be changed, you’ll be able to continuously correct them, gradually reducing the amount of strain you take on throughout the day. It’s not instant, but it doesn’t take long — students learning the technique have reported significant pain reduction in as little as a week.

What It’ll Do for You

It’s more than just pain reduction — as a truly holistic healing technique, the Alexander Technique helps you feel better from all sides. Without all of that excess strain, its patients have reported a more relaxed demeanor and more pleasure in all of their daily activities. Building constant awareness can enhance your mental fortitude and sharpness, allow you to act with greater purpose, and restore grace to your movement.

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