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5 Auto Maintenance Tips for New Car Owners September 29, 2017

Rocky Ford, Otero
5 Auto Maintenance Tips for New Car Owners, Rocky Ford, Colorado

Buying your first car is an exciting event that comes with new responsibilities. Taking care of your new or used car is essential to its longevity and well-being, and there are certain elements of auto maintenance that simply can’t be ignored. To help you better understand how to best take care of your new car, the team from Rocky Ford DiscountTire and Auto Care Center have shared five pieces of advice for new car ownership.

Top 5 Auto Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your New Car Running Smoothly

1. Learn Some Basics

Understanding basic car parts and essential auto maintenance will help you to better identify when something may be wrong. Learn how to measure your own tire pressure, where to put washer fluid, how to swap out wiper blades, and some other basics. Not only will you better know when something needs to be dealt with, but you will also be prepared to do many simple-yet-essential tasks. 

2. Find a Reliable Mechanic

Unless your car is still under warranty, finding a trustworthy mechanic is absolutely crucial. Read online reviews and ask your friends who they use. Find a mechanic that has a history of good work and fair prices and a reputation for fairness.

3. Neglect Nothing

It can be easy to ignore an unfamiliar indicator on your car’s dashboard. Rather than neglecting these gauges and meters, take the time to study your owner’s manual and learn what each indicator means. Your car is designed to warn you about certain issues, and paying attention to its indicators will help keep your car in the best condition possible.

4. Routinely Change Oil

auto maintenanceWhile there is much debate over the right intervals between oil changes, waiting until the oil change light comes on is too late. Every 5,000 miles is a good rule of thumb, but consult your owner’s manual to see what it says. Depending on your car and the type of oil it uses, you might not need one for 10,000 miles—or you may need one every 2,000.

5. Listen & Feel

Your car will often tell you when something is wrong through the way it sounds and drives. As soon as you notice a sound or sensation that is out of the ordinary, bring your car in to have it checked out. It can mean anything from a problem with your tires to the need for serious transmission repairs. Using your instincts will go a long way in car ownership, and having anything dealt with that seems out of the ordinary is never a bad idea.

If you are in need of auto maintenance in the Otero County, CO, area, look no further than Rocky Ford Discount Tire. For over 40 years they have provided reliable tire and mechanical services to the area with uncompromised customer service. Call them at (719) 254-3391 or visit them online to see the full selection of services available to you.

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