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Frequently Asked Questions About Home Security Systems October 9, 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions About Home Security Systems, Lavonia, Georgia

As a homeowner, you prize your family’s safety extremely highly. Few tools can protect your family and your home better than home security systems— but just how do these work? To help answer this question and others, the experts from TruVista have put together a quick guide. These security professionals serve clients throughout South Carolina and Georgia; take a look at some of their most frequently discussed topics regarding home security systems. 

4 FAQs About Home Security Systems

1. How Does a Security System Work?

Your system maintains the safety of your home by monitoring all entry points, such as doors and windows, as well as areas of high value inside the building. Typically, the system contains a control panel, including a computer that arms or disarms a high-decibel alarm. If armed, the alarm would create a loud sound when there is a breach, which may occur when a motion sensor detects movement. In this scenario, the alarm monitoring company is also notified of the breach.

2. How Does Alarm Monitoring Work?

home security systemsWhen a breach occurs, the monitoring professionals can quickly communicate with your system and the central station of the security provider. This essential feature helps to keep you and your family safe, as it results in the quick response of emergency personnel to your home.

3. What Should You Do After a Break-in?

Experiencing a break-in is extremely stressful, and you may feel unsure of what to do. When this happens, it's important to remain calm and act quickly. If your security or alarm monitoring service providers haven't already done so, contact the police immediately to file a report. When they arrive, the officers will take your statement and collect evidence from your home, so be sure not to touch anything before then. Next, you should call your insurance company to file a claim. Finally, take important steps to increase security around your home so that you can feel safe once again.

4. What Should You Do When You're Away?

Whether you've previously experienced a break-in or not, leaving your home for vacation can be worrisome. Before you leave, it's important to lock all of your doors and windows and disable your garage door opener. Then, inform your security company that you'll be gone and arm your alarm system. Finally, try to keep the illusion that you're home, such as by putting a temporary hold on any mail or paper delivery services.

Your home security system provides plenty of benefits, and the services offered by TruVista are simply unmatched. These experts have the experience and know-how to keep you safe with technologically proven systems. If you have any questions, give them a call at (803) 385-2191. You can also check out their other services, like cable internet service and phone service, on their website.

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