Montgomery, Pennsylvania
1210 Bethlehem Pike-suite B13, Routes 309 & 63
North Wales, PA 19454
Explore the depths of your imagination with the most unbelievable movies and feature films at AMC 309 Cinema 9. With stunning IMAX and RealD 3D, you can experience the best Hollywood movies at this paramount cinema.

Dine-In Movies & Thrilling IMAX: The Movie-Going Experience at AMC Theatres February 4, 2014

Montgomery, Montgomery County
Dine-In Movies & Thrilling IMAX: The Movie-Going Experience at AMC Theatres, Montgomery, Pennsylvania

Someone, somewhere is groaning with nostalgia for the so-called “Golden Age” of Hollywood. They long for a time when there was still a red curtain to draw back, and signs around movie theaters implored ladies to please, remove their hats.

These Luddite movie-lovers, while well intentioned, are missing one important point: there are more reasons to go to the movies now than ever before!

AMC Theatres is re-defining the movie going experience for over 200 million guests annually, offering the best theater environment, 

Showtime Snacks & Meals

innovative amenities, and revolutionary cinema technology at local AMC movie theaters across the country. An aura of excitement and adventure fills every theater, many of which are still embellished with bits of that iconic red velvet.

But what’s new for movie-goers at AMC Theatres? Check out some of the ways local cinemas are cultivating the ultimate cinematic experience:

  • Food & Drink: Dine-In Theaters

Fork & Screen® is one of two dine-in theater experiences at AMC theaters. Participating locations offer casual dining with an expansive food and cocktail menu, brought to you by side-seat service at the push of a button.

Some of AMC’s newer movie theaters are proud to serve customers their favorite beer, wine, or cocktail at MacGuffin’s™ Bar and Lounge. 

Plush Reclining Chairs

It’s a wonderful place to meet a friend before heading to the feature presentation with a refreshing top shelf cocktail, domestic, local or imported beer, and wine by the glass or bottle.

With mouthwatering concessions and the at-home comfort of brand new, plush recliner seats, AMC makes movies luxurious again.

  • Revolutionary Technology

AMC theaters are fully upgraded from projection to digital 4K-resolution by Sony Digital Cinema for a noticeably sharp and vivid picture. For eye-popping animation and action packed blockbusters, every theater has comprehensive RealD® 3D presentation, as well as ETX™ 

Captain American: Winter Soldier

proprietary premium format for superior audio and projection. For an optimized experience movie-lovers really want, AMC Theatres has become the world’s leading exhibitor of the increasingly popular, in-demand IMAX®.

In one place, AMC Theatres brings together the unmatched joy of seeing a movie, sipping a cocktail, chowing down on delicious food, and taking a much-needed break from the everyday. An ongoing and consistent effort to provide an unforgettable experience to every guest means that AMC Theatres (with the help of incredible cinematic talents on-screen) has created more reasons to go to the movies than ever before.

Visit AMC Theatres online to find your local theaters, check showtimes, and keep up with the latest new additions to your movie-going experience. 

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