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Massage Therapy School Describes Deep Tissue Techniques October 12, 2017

Aiea, Ewa
Massage Therapy School Describes Deep Tissue Techniques, Ewa, Hawaii

For those suffering from chronic back pain caused by sports injuries or a sedentary lifestyle, a deep tissue massage can be a wonderful help. If you attend a massage therapy school, this is one of the many techniques you’ll learn. Below, Hawaii School of Professional Massage in Aiea shares some of the principles of deep tissue massage.

Massage Therapy School Describes Techniques Used for Deep Tissue Method

Who Benefits From Deep Tissue Massage?

If a massage client needs a deep tissue massage, they're usually experiencing significant discomfort. Whether they have chronic pain, muscle knots, or stiffness, they need a massage that’s gentle but firm. Deep tissue massages can work that pain out, making the client feel better and more mobile. No massage should be painful, as this can make the recipient tense up unconsciously; the goal is to get them to relax.

How Is the Practice Performed?

massage therapy schoolA masseuse will start by running their hands up and down the client’s back muscles with massage oil. They can put a little weight into it, but they’ll avoid bony services like the spine. Professionals use their fingertips, thumbs, or elbows to work out knots as they find them. Patience is key, though, as these knots require a gentle touch and have to work themselves out slowly.

A good massage therapist is careful to communicate with their clients as they work. They make sure the customer is always comfortable and listen to where they say the problem areas are. People know their own bodies, and it makes the job easier if there's mutual trust and listening.

What Should the Recipient Do Afterward?

After the massage, the client should drink plenty of water to flush away the lactic acid in their muscles. This will keep them from getting too sore. The pain might not completely go away following one session. In fact, chronic muscle pain can take many appointments to resolve. Therapists can encourage clients to return regularly to get the help they need.

If you're interested in becoming a masseuse and helping people via deep tissue massages and numerous other techniques, Hawaii School of Professional Massage has expert instructors who will provide the training you need. For your convenience, they offer both day and night classes, and courses begin at various times throughout the year. Pursue your dreams of going to a massage therapy school by calling them today at (808) 485-2808, and visit their website to learn more.

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