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3 Activities Other Than Music Lessons for Kids October 9, 2017

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3 Activities Other Than Music Lessons for Kids , Seattle, Washington

Although it may not always get the attention it deserves in school, music is one of the most powerful ways to stimulate a child's mind and ignite their imagination. Music can serve a valuable function at stages ranging from infancy to early childhood, and not exposing kids to music at these ages deprives them of a wonderful artistic opportunity. Here, Musikgarten of Seattle, which offers music lessons for kids in the King County, WA, area, shares a few great musical activities for young children. 

Beyond Music Lessons for Kids: 3 Great Activities

1. Make Homemade Musical Instruments

A popular activity in arts and crafts and music classes, building a homemade musical instrument with your child gives them the chance to be resourceful and enjoy the fulfillment of hearing the sound of music from something they made. Making a passable drum, kazoo, or other instrument requires fewer household items than you think, and your child will remember the unique activity for years to come. 

2. Give Them Music to Listen To

music classes for kidsOne of the best and easiest ways to expose your child to music at an early age is by making sure they listen to it. Play classical music in the nursery and lullabies at bedtime. When your kid moves into early childhood, introduce them to different varieties of music as often as you can. 

3. Host a Dance Night

Extend your child's sense of what's possible by encouraging them to dance to music. This highly interactive activity, which can be done in a den or living room, with friends or just with family, will increase a child's confidence and comfort in their own skin. 

For 27 years, Nancy Kubo, the maestro behind Musikgarten of Seattle, has dedicated herself to developing innovative music classes for children ranging from birth to nine years of age. Her music lessons for kids, including programs specially designed for individual age groups, teach children not only how to listen critically to music, but also how to dance and sing to it. Visit the website to learn more about Nancy, or call the center directly at (206) 285-9516. 

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