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3 Common Window Tinting Options for Your Home October 3, 2017

Culver-Winton-Main, Rochester
3 Common Window Tinting Options for Your Home, Rochester, New York

Choosing to install window tinting is a growing trend among homeowners across the country for both detached structures and condos. The purpose of the improvement project is to reduce furniture and decor fading as a result of UV rays as well as to prevent infrared heat from negatively affecting the interior climate of the home. But before you can benefit from the aesthetic and energy efficiency benefits of tinted window film, you need to choose what type of material is right for your home and circumstances.

3 Common Types of Home Window Tinting

1. Dyed

Dyed window films are the most popular residential window tinting option. They’re created by adding dye in between the film layers, the amount of which depends on the level of tint desired. This type of film is designed to absorb UV rays and reduce intruding heat while also increasing privacy. While it can experience some fading over time, the simplicity of its manufacturing makes dyed tint the most budget-friendly option in most scenarios, as well as the easiest and fastest to install.

2. Ceramic

Window TintingCeramic window tinting is a fairly new concept, but it's also one of the most effective formulas in terms of blocking UV rays and heat absorption. It's produced by using extremely small ceramic particles layered within the window film. It doesn't typically experience fading like the dyed option, and it also helps increase the shatter-resistance of the window itself. The biggest downside to ceramic window film is its cost, as it's currently the highest-priced option on the market.

3. Metalized

Metalized window tinting is created using microscopic metallic pieces to create a layer of reflectivity. Unlike the light-absorbing action of dye, this type of film reflects the light away from your home to prevent heat from reaching the interior, and it grants a mirror-like appearance to the windows. Metalized tint is priced in the moderate range of window tint between dyed and ceramic, but it compensates for its cost by boasting a high level of scratch resistance.


If you're ready to reap the benefits of window tinting, contact Healthy Glass in Rochester, NY. Since 2012, the woman-owned and -operated company has committed to offering high-quality and reliable window film installation at competitive prices. Learn more about their options online, and schedule your consultation by calling (585) 402-9224.

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