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What Is Integrated Math & How Is It Taught in Schools? October 25, 2017

Cambrian Park, Santa Clara County
What Is Integrated Math & How Is It Taught in Schools?, Cambrian Park, California

What Is Integrated Math & How Is It Taught in Schools?

Traditionally, math has always been divided up into discrete classes with an established progression. After Algebra 1, students generally take Geometry, then Algebra 2, but this isn’t necessarily the best approach to teaching mathematics. In response to the new Common Core standards, schools around the country are now teaching integrated math, a pathway teachers and experienced math tutors use that blends traditionally separated topics.

What Is Integrated Math?

In the integrated math pathway, students learn a variety of topics in each class, from Algebra to Statistics and Geometry. Instead of encountering each topic as an almost completely different subject, students in integrated math classes learn, for example, how Algebra and Statistics relate to one another, building bridges and reflecting the way math skills are actually used in real-world applications. Because students on the integrated math pathway typically outperform those who attend traditional classes, this method of teaching is earning support from a growing body of educators, experts, and math tutors.

How Integrated Math Is Taught

Instead of the traditional sequence of math topics, students learning with the integrated model typically take three courses, beginning in their freshman year of high school. Teachers typically use textbooks and other instructional materials specially designed to demonstrate the connections between different math topics and continuously refresh a student’s memory. Due to the unfamiliarity of the blended topics introduced by Common Core and the new types of math problems they bring home, many parents worry they won’t be able to help their children with their homework. Fortunately, a skilled math tutor can give these students the support they need.


At Study Wizards Tutoring, our math tutors have extensive experience with a wide range of teaching methods, including the new pathways established under the Common Core standards. We’ve helped high school students throughout the San Jose, CA, area master the skills they need to succeed and achieve their highest potential. For more on our services, visit our website today, or call (408) 883-8660 to speak with a tutor.