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5 Common Car Repair Issues to Watch Out For October 5, 2017

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5 Common Car Repair Issues to Watch Out For, High Point, North Carolina

Time and use can take a toll on your vehicle’s performance, warranting frequent car repairs from a local auto shop. Learning about these maintenance issues can help you stay alert at the first sign of trouble and get timely auto services. Below, experts list common auto repairs your car can require over time.

Car Repair Issues to Be Aware Of

Brake Wear

As one of the most used car components, it’s not uncommon for your car’s braking system to require repair work. Since faulty brakes can be hazardous on the road, it’s important to have them inspected and fixed by a car repair expert right away. They will check brake pads, fluid, and springs to make sure these components are working smoothly.

Overused Engine OilCar Repairs

Car engine oil keeps the car parts properly lubricated and functioning in perfect harmony. But daily use can cause it to become polluted with debris and gunk from car components. Changing it regularly should be an essential part of your scheduled auto maintenance services.

Misaligned Wheels

Negotiating with bumpy roads and sharp turns on a regular basis can knock your car’s wheels out of alignment. Misaligned vehicles can be particularly notorious for causing car slippage on wet roads and resulting in faster tire wear and tear. Having them properly aligned by a local auto shop can spare your tires the damage and prolong their life.

Faulty Suspension System

A well-functioning suspension system safeguards your vehicle from the impact that bumpy and uneven roads can cause. Since the suspension system comprises a number of components, it’s important to seek professional auto services to diagnose and fix the problem.

Problematic Spark Plugs

Although they may seem small, these car parts have an important role to play. Spark plugs ignite car fuel to power your car when you turn the key in your ignition. Any problem with the spark plugs doesn’t only make it difficult to start the car – it also increases your vehicle’s fuel consumption manifold.


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