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Here's a Look at How Custom Ski Boots Are Made October 11, 2017

Upper East Side, Manhattan
Here's a Look at How Custom Ski Boots Are Made, Manhattan, New York

Every skier knows the right gear makes all the difference in their performance and comfort on the slopes. While standard ski boots will get the job done, they can quickly get uncomfortable after a few hours on the powder. However, custom ski boots fitted specifically to your foot will help you enjoy your day on the slopes to the fullest without the discomfort and pain you’ve come to expect at the end of the day. The experts at Surefoot in New York, NY, explain the process of making custom boots to help you better understand what to expect during your fitting.

Measuring Your Foot

With traditional boots, you’ll usually base them off of your regular shoe size. However, when you’re fitted for custom boots at Surefoot, their technicians will scan your foot with their proprietary device. This process will measure your foot in 538 places, looking at the overall shape and width of your foot as well as the height of your arch. The scan creates a full map of the bottom of your foot, including the high-pressure points and areas where you require more support. This information is used to create a custom set of insoles for your boots.

Selecting the Type of Boot

Ski BootsNo two skiers have the same feet. Once your scan is complete, your technician will discuss your skiing history and goals for your future skiing career. They’ll also ask about your athletic ability to better assess your needs. Once they have this information, they’ll combine it with your measurements to help you find the perfect boot model.

Custom Insoles & Liners

After you select the body of your boot, the computer will send your measurements to a CAD-CAM printer, which will produce your custom insoles. These insoles will then be placed inside your ski boots. To create the perfect custom fit, your technician will ask you to try the boot on with the insoles and then inject a moldable foam into the shell of your boot. This creates a custom lining designed to cradle your foot and enhance comfort. The foam will harden in five minutes, leaving you with a pair of custom ski boots that fit your feet perfectly.

Ski season is always fun, but the end-of-day aches and pains can make the next day less exhilarating. Hit the slopes this winter in comfort and style with a pair of custom ski boots from Surefoot. Learn more about their custom insoles and ski equipment online, and call (212) 472-7171 to schedule a fitting.

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