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How a Harsh Winter Can Damage Your Blacktop October 5, 2017

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How a Harsh Winter Can Damage Your Blacktop, Walden, New York

Winter is just around the corner, and while the cold and snow may be beautiful, they can wreak havoc on your paved driveway. Once the snow falls and the ice starts forming, you’ll need to take care to avoid damaging your blacktop. The experienced team at Seal King Paving in Walden, NY, wants to help you keep your driveway safe from winter damage. Here, they explain how a cold winter can damage your blacktop and lead to the need for extensive asphalt repairs in the spring.

When the temperatures drop, the asphalt on your driveway starts to contract. Once the sun starts warming the surface back up, it expands slightly. Over the course of a winter, this process can cause numerous cracks to form along the surface. Left unrepaired, these cracks can collect moisture, which, in turn, freezes, damaging the surface even more. 

BlacktopWhile freezing temperatures can damage your asphalt, they aren’t the only threat. When ice forms on the surface, you likely head out with a snow shovel and deicer to clear your driveway. While this will help make your blacktop less slick and easier to drive on, it can also damage the asphalt.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prevent these issues. Sealcoating your driveway can help reduce the risk of cracks forming and keep your pavement looking pristine even under severe winter weather. Furthermore, when you head out to clear your driveway, consider using a plastic snow shovel to scoop the snow. The edge is softer and will scrape at the surface less than a traditional metal shovel. Additionally, opt for sand, ashes from your fireplace, or another asphalt-safe deicer. 

If you notice cracks in your blacktop, contact Seal King Paving, and let their experienced technicians fix any potholes and asphalt cracks before the winter has a chance to make them worse. Whether you have a short residential driveway or need a team to fix your commercial parking lot, they’re ready to help. Visit them online for more information about their services, and call (845) 778-4365 for an estimate.

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