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4 Steps You Must Take Before Filing for Divorce September 25, 2017

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4 Steps You Must Take Before Filing for Divorce, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

There’s nothing easy about filing for divorce — but as a rule, the more preparation you do, the easier the process will be. To make sure you have everything set up before handing in the paperwork, speak to a qualified divorce attorney. Filing for divorce is a complicated, emotional process, and having someone objective and experienced will ensure you find the best outcome. By following these steps, you’re taking huge amounts off your future self’s shoulders — and they’ll be grateful for it.

Know Exactly Why You’re Seeking Divorce

ThisFiling for Divorce might seem like a no-brainer, but in many cases, marriages aren’t broken down by clear, single causes. How you seek an attorney and make your reasons for filing. If the divorce is likely to be rocky, make sure to mention that to perspective attorneys. The reason you end up stating for seeking a divorce will also affect how your case is understood.  

Prepare Documents

Providing documentation is crucial for finding a good outcome in divorce cases. Your divorce attorney will ask for records of your financial accounts, phones, loans, bills — make sure you have copies of all these things before filing for divorce. After your filing, you’re going to enter litigation with your spouse, so they might not be inclined towards helping you find a certain financial statement. Having all of your financial details in front of you might also help you understand your goals for the divorce.

Decide on Your Goals

Hiring an accountant can help you figure out what you own, what your spouse owns, and what any shared assets might be worth. Before filing for divorce, review with your divorce attorney what kind of financial situation you’re seeking and what settlement seems fair for the situation. You should also discuss your goals for custody, if you have children.

Buckle Down

Divorce is a long process, and showing a good face during can help you win a better outcome. Plan your living accommodation ahead, if you need to, finalize significant sales or purchases — marital assets may be frozen as divorce is proceeded — and be sure not to start the single life too early. Even accusations of infidelity can be crippling to your divorce case.

The most important thing to do before filing for divorce is find the right attorney. They’ll make sure you take the right steps in filing and proceeding with your divorce.

Hiring Lonneman & McMahan, PLLC for your divorce is the first step towards a fair settlement. With decades of experience practicing family and divorce law in the Elizabethtown, KY, area, they’ll make the process as painless as possible. Get your free initial consultation today by calling Lonneman & McMahan at (270) 506-0040 or visiting their website.

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