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5 Reasons to Invest in Solar Electricity September 28, 2017

Wailuku Ahupua`a, Kahului
5 Reasons to Invest in Solar Electricity, Kahului, Hawaii

Solar electricity is a smart investment. With significant savings from lower or nonexistent electricity bills, most American homeowners pay off a solar panel system in about eight years — allowing for a return on investment of at least 20%. Here are five additional reasons to consider investing in green energy for your home or business.

5 Reasons Solar Electricity Is a Sound Investment

1. Protect Against Growing Utility Costs

The cost of energy for homeowners has risen considerably over the past decade. Investing in a solar electricity system protects you against those increases from utility companies.

2. Improve Property Value

Homes with solar energy systems sell more quickly and at a higher price than those without. Bids will continue to increase as more homebuyers become educated about the unbeatable benefits of solar power.

3. Contribute to U.S. Energy Independence

Unlike fossil fuels, the sun is a nearly unlimited source of energy and an important factor in helping the U.S. achieve energy independence. By installing a renewable energy system, you are contributing to the country’s capacity to generate solar electricity.

4. Support Job Growth & Local Economy

solar electricityThe rapid expansion of solar industry jobs is expected to continue as they can’t be outsourced and demand for green energy is increasing. By investing in solar electricity, you support an industry that is a strong contributor to the national and local economy.

5. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

A solar panel system in your home will reduce or eliminate carbon emissions every year, minimizing your family’s impact on the environment and helping to protect the earth for future generations.


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