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Auto Insurance Tips: What Distracted Driving Can Cost You October 3, 2017

Woods Park, Lincoln
Auto Insurance Tips: What Distracted Driving Can Cost You, Lincoln, Nebraska

Auto insurance is a valuable tool in protecting your financial interests, but perhaps, your driving habits are even more important for your personal and financial safety. The team at Allstar Insurance have your best interests in mind and want you to understand the dangers of distracted driving in Lincoln, Nebraska. Know what distracted driving is, as you may unwittingly be doing it every day—it can cost you a lot when it comes to insurance.

A Guide to Distracted Driving

What It Is

auto insuranceDistracted driving happens when you’re participating in another activity while driving, which pulls your attention away from the road. If you’re doing anything other than sitting with both hands on the wheel, focused on the road, you’re driving distracted. Some common habits people have include talking on the phone, texting, looking after the kids in the backseat, eating, or even watching videos. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that 10% of all fatal car crashes and 17% of auto accidents causing injuries were due to distracted driving.

What It Costs You

Aside from the inherent danger in a car accident, distracted driving can cost you financially. It is illegal, so a police officer may pull you over and give you a ticket if they catch you. If you’re in a collision or receive a ticket because you were distracted, your car insurance will be affected as the premium is increased. A fine can stay on your record for three years while an at-fault collision can affect your auto insurance rates for six or more years. 

Even if you’ve had fines or accidents, the auto insurance team at Allstar Insurance will work with you to get the best rate possible. They can help with everything from motorcycle and homeowners insurance to liability insurance. Contact them at (402) 477-0900 to discuss the coverage plan that’s best for you. 

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