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How to Help Your Child Handle Test Stress December 6, 2017

Cambrian Park, Santa Clara County
How to Help Your Child Handle Test Stress, Cambrian Park, California

How to Help Your Child Handle Test Stress


For most students, tests are a major source of anxiety, impairing reasoning and causing some children to freeze and forget all their test prep and studying. By some estimates, anxiety can reduce a student’s test scores by an average of 12%! If your student struggles with scholastic stress and test-induced anxiety, there are a few steps that can help relieve the pressure.

How to Manage Testing Stress

1. Make Sure They Take Care of Themselves

Of course, adequate test prep is always important, but some students respond to the pressure by skipping meals and missing sleep to get as much studying in as possible. Stress on your body makes it difficult to concentrate, reducing cognitive function, and will likely lead to lower test scores, so make sure their basic needs are being met.

2. Schedule Regular Breaks

The more important an exam is, the more your student may want to spend extra time on test prep. However, your brain needs time to process information, so taking regular breaks and doing something else for a few minutes is actually crucial for maximum performance. Spending some time away from the books will also keep your student from succumbing to stress and burning out.

3. Break Assignments Down

When looking at a lengthy assignment or a thick textbook to study, many students get overwhelmed and begin to worry about test day before they’ve even started. Breaking everything down into smaller steps will make it seem more manageable, reducing the pressure and giving your student a feeling of mastery that will carry through until test day.


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