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Ava Auto Accident Attorney on the Steps to Take When Facing a DUI Charge October 13, 2017

Ava, Douglas
Ava Auto Accident Attorney on the Steps to Take When Facing a DUI Charge, Ava, Missouri

If you are charged with a DUI, there are often serious consequences, from jail and imprisonment to fines to losing your license. According to auto accident attorneys, the steps you take after an arrest can make a big difference in determining the extent of the punishment. Here, The Law Office of Christopher J. Swatosh in Ava, MO, explains what to do if you’re facing a drunk driving charge.

Following these steps can help you mitigate the consequences of driving under the influence:

  • auto accident attorney Ava MODon’t Overshare: After a DUI arrest, you will be held in police custody until someone can pick you up, or you become sober enough to drive. Be polite when talking to the police, but don’t share too much information during questioning. Even a seemingly innocent statement, like how you only had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner, can be used against you in court.
  • Shut Down Social Media Pages: Deactivate all social media profiles or make the accounts private as soon as possible. Prosecutors commonly scour these sites for evidence of wrongdoing. Photos in which you are partying and drinking on the night of the event in question may be used as evidence. 
  • Get a Good Lawyer: Find an auto accident attorney to represent you. They will know how to handle any forensic evidence, such as a breath or blood test, that is being used against you. A local professional will also be well-versed in relevant state laws that can impact the case. They may be able to have the DUI dropped to a lesser charge; if not, they can secure a more lenient penalty.

If you need help dealing with a DUI charge in the Douglas County area, then look to The Law Office of Christopher J. Swatosh. This auto accident attorney has more than 20 years of experience helping clients throughout Missouri. You can find out more about the law firm’s service areas, from wrongful death to personal injury cases, online. For a consultation, call (417) 683-2987. 

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