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Tone Up With One of These 3 Fitness Classes for All Ages & Abilities October 12, 2017

Over-The Rhine, Cincinnati
Tone Up With One of These 3 Fitness Classes for All Ages & Abilities, Cincinnati, Ohio

As important as consistent exercise is, it can be tough to develop a regular workout routine. Luckily, for those who have trouble getting in shape on their own, group fitness classes offer the perfect solution. These sessions keep you accountable, challenge your body, and connect you with people of all ages.

If you’re looking for some options that are open to anyone, regardless of fitness level, consider one of the fitness classes below:

  • Yoga: From pregnant women to men in their seventies, people of all ages benefit from rolling out their yoga mats. As a holistic practice that challenges the body and mind, yoga improves flexibility, builds muscle strength, boosts immunity, and reduces stress. And with multiple types available, you can rest assured you’ll find the perfect class for your fitness goals. If you have any physical limitations, all you have to do is speak with your instructor—they’ll modify moves to suit your abilities.
  • fitness classesBarre: Add some pliés to your workout routine with barre. These ballet-inspired fitness classes focus on small, isometric movements that target the core, arms, legs, and glutes. Regular class-goers often notice an improvement in their posture, as well as increased flexibility and muscle tone. And as a low-impact fitness class, barre is easy on the joints and safe for those with physical limitations. 
  • Zumba®: During Zumba, you’ll meet people of all backgrounds and abilities. Your instructor will guide the class through a series of moves choreographed to Latin and international music, and you’ll torch calories as you switch between fast-paced salsa dancing and sets of jumping squats. These fitness classes are perfect for those seeking a dynamic, full-body workout.


Challenge yourself this fall with fitness classes like yoga, Zumba, and barre at Central Parkway YMCA in Cincinnati, OH. From encouraging kids to discover new interests to keeping seniors moving, this local fitness center has something for everyone in the family. View their class schedule online, and call (513) 362-9622 to schedule a tour of their facility today.  


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