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When Is the Best Time to Buy a New Car? October 10, 2017

Lexington, Henderson
When Is the Best Time to Buy a New Car?, Lexington, Tennessee

If you're looking at new cars, you may be wondering how to get the best deal on the make and model of your choice. There are many guides that emphasize bargaining techniques or sprucing up your trade-in car. However, one big factor in your new car's price is when you buy it. By timing your purchase just right, you can shave thousands of dollars off the cost and drive out of the dealership in a car you'll love.

How to Get the Best Deal on a New Car

Choose the End of a Period

Every sales agent in the dealership has a quota to reach. As the deadline approaches, they're more eager to sneak in one more sale — which means it will be easier to make a deal. Some savvy buyers time their purchase for New Year's Eve to get the most advantage from this effect, as it’s the end of both a month and year.

Wait for Next Year's Release

New CarIf you have a particular car in mind, wait until just after the release of next year's corresponding model. Many dealers don't want the older model hanging around in their lot when the new one is available, so they look for opportunities to get rid of it. The exact timing of a release depends on the make and model you're looking at.

Take Advantage of Holiday Sales

Does your local dealership's holiday event sound like a lot of empty hype? In fact, the advertising is often accurate. While this doesn't always mean an excellent deal on every new car, it can be the perfect time to buy if there's a sale on a model you're interested in.

With the right timing, you can save significantly on the purchase of your next used or new car. Keep an eye out for sales and pay attention to the calendar so you can arrange the best deal possible.


Helms Motor Company is your source for used and new cars in Lexington, TN. Their family-owned dealership is committed to meeting your needs on your budget with their range of quality vehicles. For questions, call them today at (731) 968-2012, and visit online to view their inventory of new cars.

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