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4 Questions to Ask When Buying Custom Cabinets October 6, 2017

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4 Questions to Ask When Buying Custom Cabinets, Barnesville, Ohio

No kitchen remodel would be complete without installing new cabinets, and custom cabinets can be an easy way to increase the value of your home while improving both its appearance and function. Of course, choosing the right cabinets is key. Below is a list of questions you should always ask when planning for new cabinets.

4 Questions You Should Ask When Choosing New Cabinets

1. What Materials Are They Made of?

custom cabinetsNothing affects the quality of cabinets quite like the materials used to build them. Certain woods offer more durability than others, and a skilled craftsman will employ sturdy materials and attention to detail. For long-lasting cabinets, choose hardwood or plywood. A contractor should also explain how your new cabinets will be constructed and finished.

2. What Color Should I Choose?

There is no easy answer here. It all depends on the style of your room and what effect you’re looking to achieve. Dark colors look dramatic while lighter colors make rooms look brighter and larger. If you can’t choose one color, try mixing and matching two colors. Bright colors go well with neutral finishes.

3. Do the Cabinets Come With a Warranty?

Manufactured cabinets often come with at least a one-year warranty, and many custom cabinets will as well. Warranties should cover defects in the product itself, but not damage from everyday wear and tear, such as cuts, scrapes, and scratches. 

4. Will the Custom Cabinets Come With Installation?

Improper installation can jeopardize the integrity of your cabinets in the long run, so having a professional do the job is always advised. Many custom cabinets are specifically designed for certain spaces, making installation a necessity. Even so, you should verify if it’s included when you’re placing your order, so you’re not caught off guard later.


If you’re remodeling your kitchen in the Ohio Valley, call the custom cabinet specialists at Flag Floors of Barnesville at (740) 425-3344 for a consultation today. They provide the quality materials you need, as well as a variety of rental installation equipment for your convenience. Beyond cabinets, their team also installs flooring and countertops. For more information, visit them online.