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3 Ways Playing Chess Benefits All Kids October 9, 2017

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
3 Ways Playing Chess Benefits All Kids, Brooklyn, New York

In an age where kids have constant access to online gaming and additional internet activities, it can be difficult for parents to find engaging, educational ways to keep young minds entertained. Playing chess is a simple way for kids to boost their brainpower, while also developing valuable skills that will help them throughout life. 

Three Ways Playing Chess Helps Boost Brainpower in Youngsters 

1. Gives Both Sides of the Brain a Workout

To identify the shapes of chess pieces and process different moves, the brain uses both the right and left hemispheres. This boosts overall hand-eye coordination, as well as intuition and insight, which are associated with right-brain function. Playing a game of chess also improves reasoning, logical thinking, and analytical thought associated with the left side of the brain.  

2. Improves Memorization Skills 

gifted and talentedChess is a complex game, consisting of an intricate series of strategic moves to capture the opponent’s king. Being able to retrace steps is an important aspect of winning the game. Playing chess will strengthen your child’s memorization skills, making it easier for them to retain what’s learned in the classroom. 

3. Increases Ability to Focus

One wrong move in chess can determine the outcome of the entire game. Players need to concentrate to prevent their pieces from falling into vulnerable positions. This will heighten your child’s ability to focus on additional tasks. 


In Brooklyn, NY, the caring, compassionate educators at FasTracKids / JEI Learning Center are equipped with the tools and proper qualifications to help your gifted and talented children navigate the path to academic success. To inquire about tutoring instruction and additional services, call (347) 987-4450 to speak with a dedicated staff member. Visit the learning center online to learn about their chess class instruction, math courses, and reading enrichment programs, and like them on Facebook for additional information. 

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