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What You Should Know About Asbestos Testing & Removal September 29, 2017

Cabarrus Country Club, Poplar Tent
What You Should Know About Asbestos Testing & Removal, Poplar Tent, North Carolina

Asbestos is a collection of fibrous minerals that was commonly used in construction, insulation, paint, appliances, clothing, and many other types of commercial products in the past. Over time, it was discovered that continued exposure to asbestos could lead to serious health problems. Accordingly, it became crucial for property owners to do asbestos testing and determine if it was present within their building. Despite efforts to regulate and ban the use of asbestos, many structures and products still contain the material today.

The consensus among asbestos abatement experts is it’s best to leave the mineral-containing material in place as long as it isn’t damaged or fragile. Generally, asbestos isn’t dangerous unless it’s disturbed and releases toxic fibers into the air. If you know or suspect your home or business has asbestos, periodically inspect the area for evidence of water damage, tears, or abrasions.

asbestos testingIf damage is observed or there are plans to renovate a structure, professional removal will be necessary. Before this is done, a visual examination, careful collection, and asbestos testing will take place to identify a proper solution.

Asbestos must be removed and discarded appropriately by trained professionals to eliminate the risk of exposure. Technicians will cover or tightly seal the area where the material has been detected to prevent it from spreading as they remove the affected materials. Afterward, the building should be re-evaluated to ensure none of the fibers accidentally escaped during removal.

While it’s helpful for people to know asbestos is still all around, it isn’t something that needs to be a constant worry. If the material poses a problem within a home or business, taking quick action to have it managed by a professional will prevent it from becoming a health threat.


Concord Asbestos Abatement is the first place residents in Cabarrus County, NC, turn to when they need accurate asbestos testing and prompt removal. The company offers more than 30 years of experience and a team of fully trained staff members to keep clients protected from the consequences of asbestos exposure. Contact them at (704) 784-4119 or visit them online to learn more.

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