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Pest Management Experts Answer FAQs About Fumigation September 20, 2017

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Pest Management Experts Answer FAQs About Fumigation, Wahiawa, Hawaii

When your home is infested with insects or critters, calling for professional pest management is crucial. If fumigation is scheduled, many residents find they have questions about what the process entails. Thankfully, the team at Aloha Termite & Pest Control in Wahiawa, HI, is here to offer some insight. These experts know how to control all types of pests, from ants to rodents, and below, they’ve answered a few common inquiries regarding fumigation to help you prepare. 

Top 4 FAQs About Fumigation

1. How Does the Process Work?

First, your exterminator will seal off your home with tarps to prevent your possessions from becoming damaged. Then, they will do a final walk-through of the property before releasing the fumigant. The amount of fumigant used will be based on the intensity of the infestation, the temperature, and the size of your home. After the process is complete, the air will be tested to ensure it’s safe for you to return. 

2. How Long Does It Take?

pest managementA typical fumigation treatment takes about 18 to 24 hours, or three days and two nights. During this time, you will not be permitted inside your home. As such, you should plan to stay at a loved one’s house for a couple of days until you receive permission from your pest management company to return.

3. Which Types of Pests Require Fumigation?

Fumigation is used to target a few types of infestations. Drywood termites are the most common reason for this pest management method. However, your exterminator may also opt to fumigate your home if you have beetles or bedbugs. 

4. How Long Will the Results Last?

To extend the effects of the fumigation, you’ll need to follow certain pest management techniques. This includes regularly cleaning your dishes, taking out the garbage, and putting food away. However, even the cleanest homes may still end up with unwanted visitors, which is why your exterminator will provide a guarantee for their work. This usually lasts for one to three years after treatment, keeping your residence safe from critters.

If you need to schedule fumigation for your home, Aloha Termite & Pest Control is here for you. With a commitment to customer service, ongoing training, and top-notch treatments, these pest management professionals will take every step necessary to ensure your home is free of unwanted critters and insects. Visit them online for more information on their services, and call (808) 622-2268 to schedule a free inspection today.

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