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Which Size Wood Stove is Right for Me? October 2, 2017

Harbor Point, Stamford
Which Size Wood Stove is Right for Me?, Stamford, Connecticut

You’re thinking about having a wood stove installed, but you don’t know what size you need. A wood stove is an investment, and you want to make sure you're getting the right model for your home. Nordic Stove and Fireplace Center offers a wide selection of heating devices in Stamford, CT, and they understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Here they explain which factors you must consider when determining which wood stoves are the right fit for you.

How Much Heat Do You Need?

Which size stove you need depends on whether you want to use it to attempt to heat your entire home or just a few rooms. Ideally, you should install it in an area of your home where heat can disperse evenly. Another factor for achieving optimal warmth in your home is the height of your ceilings. If your ceiling is 10 or 12 feet tall instead of the regular 8 foot ceiling, then you’ll need a more powerful wood stove and perhaps a ceiling fan to disperse more heat.

How Well-Insulated is Your Home?

wood stovesA properly insulated home won’t require as much heat as a house with poor insulation. But it’s not just the insulation inside the walls you need to worry about. If your windows are single-pane windows, or if you have old windows where you can feel the draft, your wood stove will have to work harder to compensate for the cold air coming in. Additionally, a house with lots of windows will lose more heat than a similar size house with fewer windows.

The location of your chimney can also affect your decision. If the chimney is outside the house, you'll experience greater heat loss and lower energy efficiency, requiring a larger stove. If you are installing a new chimney as part of your project, run it inside the house for optimal heating.

Do you need help figuring out which wood stoves are the right size for your home? Give Nordic Stove and Fireplace Center a call at (203) 406-9881 to discuss your options. They have wood, gas, and electric fireplaces to choose from, and their professional staff is ready to answer any questions you have about fireplacesYou can also visit their newly renovated showroom to see the stoves in person and discuss your project.

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