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How You Can Double Your High-Quality Referrals in One Night August 26, 2019

Kensington, 13
How You Can Double Your High-Quality Referrals in One Night, 13, Maryland

The biggest challenge facing private practices? For many, it’s growth. Getting those extra referrals is a matter of networking and improving your quality of care — and there’s a right way to do so. Join fellow New York City clinicians at Sarabeth’s on September  25th and 26th for a collaborative dinner, membership required. Physicians, researchers, and people in business in medicine will come together from across the New York City metro area to form a tighter collaborative healthcare network, discuss issues in today’s healthcare, and achieve a better understanding of medicine’s overall status quo.   There are similar dinners in VA, MD, NY, DC.

What Is a Collaborative Group?

Collaborative MedicineThe collaborative interdisciplinary group, where local clinicians come together to exchange presentations and dinner.  These discussions solve problems that need to be addressed.   These groups encourage the exchange of practices and contacts, allowing each clinician’s expertise to enrich the next.  That’s the essence of collaborative healthcare: a more unified body of clinicians with everyone getting committed patients, and every patient receives better care.

Forming Connections

The essence of a collaborative group is networking — as the discussion progresses, you’ll be able to see with whom your ideas jibe. The dinner allows time for you to talk to these other clinicians individually, allowing you to discuss your strategies, shared problems, and recommendations. This can be especially useful in complementary medicine: it will enable mainstream clinicians to discover and explore alternative fitting methods and keeps alternative practitioners in the loop of mainstream practices.

Gaining Referrals

Complimentary medicine overall benefits when clinicians reach across the aisle and provide each other with high-quality referrals. By establishing a network of trusted local clinicians, you’ll have a place to refer your patients to a wider variety of issues — and guarantee that you’ll get more referrals yourself.   Collaborative Medicine not only increases the quality of care for patients across the New York City area — it helps individual practices grow and stay up to date.

Dozens of New York City practices are looking to expand their network — and they’ll be at Sarabeth’s on October 4th. Make sure you don’t miss out on a stronger reputation, higher-quality referrals, and better care for the patients that trust you. Secure your seat today at Metro Collaborative’s website or by calling them at (609) 876-9163.

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