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5 Health Benefits of Having an Orthodontist Straighten Your Teeth October 3, 2017

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5 Health Benefits of Having an Orthodontist Straighten Your Teeth, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Most people agree their smiles look better when their teeth are straight. What many don’t realize, however, is that addressing your bite problems also offers a range of health benefits. If your orthodontist recommends solutions like braces or Invisalign®, there are several reasons why these options are a worthwhile investment.

5 Advantages of Straight Teeth

1. Easier Cleaning

OrthodontistWhen your teeth aren’t perfectly straight, food and plaque get caught in the small areas where they overlap. This makes them more difficult to clean, putting you at greater risk of dental decay. Straight teeth are much easier to brush and floss.

2. Avoiding Gum Pain

Teeth that aren’t perfectly straight often crowd together. This results in gum inflammation, in which they become red and painful until an orthodontist corrects your teeth with braces.

3. Enhanced Focus on Dental Health

Patients who are unhappy with their crooked smiles are less inclined to care for them than patients whose teeth are straight. However, after fixing the problem, people tend to focus more on brushing and flossing on a regular basis, as they’re more interested in taking care of a smile they’re proud of.

4. Avoiding Injury

Crooked smiles often result in protruding upper teeth that are more vulnerable to injury. Straightening your teeth helps you avoid the kinds of damage that are often painful and expensive to treat.

5. Reducing Pain

When your teeth aren’t straight, they place excessive stress on the jawbone. Over time, this causes neck pain and headaches. Opting to straighten your smile will relieve much of that discomfort.


Straightening your teeth isn’t just an aesthetic concern; it’s essential to maintaining your health. For an orthodontist in La Crosse, WI, get in touch with Mosling Orthodontics. They’ve served the area for more than 20 years and excel in correcting smiles using the latest tools and technology. Contact them online, or call (608) 782-1950 to schedule an appointment today.

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