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3 Unique Advantages of Residential Water Wells September 27, 2017

Prosperity Church Road, Charlotte
3 Unique Advantages of Residential Water Wells, 1, Charlotte, North Carolina

Depending on your location, you may have two choices for sourcing your home’s water: Through a connection to your municipal water system, or through a private well on your property. Many homeowners find the benefits of the latter option far outweigh the former. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, Oehler Pump & Well Service is the leading provider of well drilling and pump services in Charlotte, NC.

Below, their dedicated team shares some reasons why homeowners overwhelmingly prefer having wells to city water:

  • Financial Savings: When you use city water, you’re billed based on the amount of use each month. For households with many family members, this cost can climb quickly. With your own water source, however, you can use what you need for showers, laundry, and dishes without having to worry about the price tag.


  • Little Maintenance: In terms of maintenance, wells are some of the easiest property features a homeowner can invest in. It’s still wise to have a reliable contractor to assist with unexpected service needs.
  • Pure Water: Sometimes, municipalities will incorporate additives into their water supply to rid it of contaminants. Many homeowners prefer the level of control wells afford them. When you have your own source on your property, you can enjoy tap water with potentially less concentrations of additives like fluoride or chlorine.

If you’re building a home and are considering having a well installed for continuous access to clean drinking water, allow Oehler Pump & Well Service to assist. Homeowners with existing wells can also turn to them for dependable, timely services. To schedule an appointment with their expert team, call (704) 875-2209 or contact the company by sending them a message online. You can also like them on Facebook to receive additional announcements and updates.

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