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Cincinnati Eye Doctor Discusses the Early Signs of Cataracts September 28, 2017

Cold Spring, Campbell
Cincinnati Eye Doctor Discusses the Early Signs of Cataracts, Cold Spring, Kentucky

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, cataracts involve the clouding of the lens of the eye. This can result in vision problems and even blindness if left untreated, which is why the eye doctors at Wing Eyecare urge their Greater Cincinnati patients to be fully aware of the early signs and symptoms of cataracts. Knowing what to look out for can facilitate a faster diagnosis, while also ensuring you get the treatment you need to correct the issue.

Cloudiness/Blurred Vision

One of the first symptoms you may experience if you suffer from cataracts is blurred or cloudy vision. Cloudiness can be very mild at first when the cataract is small, and it will become more pronounced as it grows larger. Accordingly, any changes in vision (even seemingly minor) should be assessed by an eye doctor.

Light Sensitivity

Your eyes may also become more sensitive to light than before. Because the lens of the eye is not completely clear, incoming light is scattered by the cataract. This can make brightness uncomfortable for cataract sufferers, while also greatly impacting vision.

Changes to Colors

Cataracts can also cause changes to colors. As the lens gets darker, many people complain of a brown or yellow tint to their vision. While so-called “tinting” may not impact vision at first, over time the changes in color will make basic tasks (such as reading) harder to accomplish.

Changes to Prescriptions

Another symptom of cataracts is frequent prescription change. While some changes are normal (especially as a person gets older), if you constantly have to update your eyeglasses prescription, it could point to a more serious underlying issue.

When it comes to eye care you can depend on, Cincinnati looks to Wing Eyecare for knowledgeable and friendly treatment. Schedule an eye exam by calling (888) 274-9464 today. Want more information on the full range of services offered, including those related to the treatment of cataracts? Feel free to visit these respected eye doctors online.

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