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A Guide to Cremations & Crematories October 4, 2017

Cincinnati, Hamilton
A Guide to Cremations & Crematories, Cincinnati, Ohio

A crematorium is where cremations take place. If a beloved relative who has passed away wished to be cremated, they will be taken to a crematorium. Inside, the body will be put into a chamber and then exposed to heat, transforming the corpse into ashes. Cremation services can be proceeded by a traditional funeral service, or the family can receive the ashes and place them in a memorial urn or scatter them in a place that was special to their loved one.

Benefits of an In-House cremationsCrematorium

Many crematoriums are not affiliated with a specific funeral home and operate independently. However, when dealing with the loss of a loved one, having a trusted guide who manages both cremations and funeral arrangements, like W.E. Lusain Funeral Home in Cincinnati, OH, can provide additional support in the funeral planning process during this difficult time. This funeral home is the only in-house crematory in the Greater Cincinnati area, and they are committed to helping you put your loved one to rest in a thoughtful and private manner.

Losing a beloved family member is one of the most challenging struggles you will face in life, and it’s even more difficult when there are financial difficulties preventing families from giving their loved one a service that’s a reflection of the utmost dignity and respect. That’s why W.E. Lusain Funeral Home offers affordable cremations, funeral services, and caskets so you can have a memorial service that truly honors your loved one. Call (513) 381-4600 today, or visit them online for more information about how they can help you with your beloved relative’s passing.