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How the PREIS Program Benefits Youth Development September 29, 2017

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How the PREIS Program Benefits Youth Development, East Point, Georgia

An increase in homelessness, pregnancy, and exposure to sexually transmitted infections and diseases among teenage populations led to the Personal Responsibility Education Innovative Strategies Program (PREIS) in 2010. The program is designed to promote healthy youth development, supporting programs that prevent sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy in individuals aged 10 to 19. Below is a guide to a few key points about the PREIS Program. 

How the PREIS Program Aids in Positive Youth Development

1. Fosters a Positive Outlook

The PREIS Program is often incorporated into educational programs in areas where birth rates are high, or adolescents are exposed to negative behavior that could influence their actions—as these influences often lead to poor decision-making. The program gives kids the opportunity to learn how to focus their attention on positive perceptions about body image, values, and the way they relate to the world around them.  

2. Improves Communication Skills 

youth developmentWhen it comes to how well kids communicate with others, the PREIS Program takes family dynamics into account. Instructors are trained to strengthen familial bonds by identifying ways parents can connect with their kids and build healthy relationships.  

3. Prepares Kids for Adulthood  

Beyond learning how to connect with others, adolescents also learn the basic life skills needed to become self-sufficient adults, including how to excel academically, function in the workplace, and keep track of their personal finances. 


Children experience many roadblocks in life, which is why they need positive influences to help them navigate the path to success. In Atlanta, GA, Future Foundation helps kids in South Fulton achieve their academic goals and learn positive ways to overcome obstacles. To discuss youth development program details, or to learn more about the PREIS Research Study, call (404) 766-0510 today. Visit the learning center online to explore their model for cultural, educational, and behavioral change, and like them on Facebook for updates.

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