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4 Factors to Consider Before Purchasing an Air Conditioner October 2, 2017

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4 Factors to Consider Before Purchasing an Air Conditioner, Dalton, Georgia

Purchasing an air conditioner is a bigger decision than many people make it out to be. Often customers just blindly choose one, only to be disappointed in how it doesn’t work for their home the way they expected. Dalton Heating & Air Conditioning in North Georgia knows air conditioners inside and out and can guide you on what to consider when purchasing a new one for your home.

What to Consider When Purchasing an Air Conditioner

Choosing a Model of AC Unit

The first thing to consider is what type of A/C system.  Straight A/C with a gas furnace, all electric A/C with a heat pump or possibly a ductless mini-split.  This decision will be made based on your homes needs, available electricity, available natural gas or propane and a few other factors. 

Looking at Energy Efficiency

air conditionerIf saving energy and money is important to you, then look for an EnergyStar™ qualified air conditioner; they sport the logo on the front of the unit. They save 30% or more energy than non-qualifying units. You should also look at SEER, or seasonal energy efficiency ratio.  The higher the rating, the less cost it is to operate, which means the lower your bill will be.

What Size System for Your Home

In our industry it is a common rule of thumb to use square footage to size equipment.  For example: an old, poorly insulated house can be estimated at 1 ton of air per 500 sq. foot and a new home with good insulation can be estimated at 1 ton of air per 600 sq. foot.  Each house has different types of windows, ceiling heights, insulation, orientation to the sun and many other factors. Because of this the true way to size equipment is a heating and cooling load.  Dalton Heating and Air takes the time to measure and inspect each home to assure you that you get the perfect size air conditioning system for your needs.

Choosing Air Conditioner Features

There so are many features to choose from when buying a new A/C system.  Many accessories are unnecessary and over hyped but there are some that can be very useful.  One feature that is beneficial is a programmable thermostat.  Setting your system to a schedule with a programmable thermostat is a great way to cut down on energy cost.  A variable speed fan is another useful feature for controlling humidity and keeping consistent temperatures from room to room.  If you have allergy issues you may consider a disposable antimicrobial air filter. I typically DON’T recommend an electronic air purifier despite the money that could be made from selling them.

Have questions on the right air conditioner and accessories for your home? Call Dalton Heating & Air Conditioning at (706)-272-3968 with your questions; their professionals will be happy to help you with your decision. They can even help you install it. Learn more today by visiting their website.

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