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What's the Difference Between Wood & Chain Link Fencing? October 3, 2017

Claremore, Rogers
What's the Difference Between Wood & Chain Link Fencing?, Claremore, Oklahoma

Learning about the different features of wood and chain link fencing can help you make an informed decision for your property’s requirements. Both of these options have a number of advantages and disadvantages, which are important to consider when choosing between them. Below is a simple guide on how these two materials differ and the pros and cons they offer.

Wood vs. Chain Link Fencing

Wood Fencing

Wood fencing products stand out with their sophistication and finesse. In general, they are the ideal option if want to add privacy to your premises without compromising its aesthetic appeal. The biggest advantage of wood fencing is its exceptional versatility, which is reflected in the variety of designs and colors. You also have the freedom to customize the fence height and coverage area.

Chain Link FencingIn addition to high installation and material costs, long-term maintenance expenses for wood can also put a significant dent in your wallet. Although the availability of pre-treated wood makes this choice more weather-friendly, regular inspections are still required.

Chain Link Fencing

Much cheaper than their wood counterparts, chain link products are an ideal choice if you want to enhance your property’s security. Their galvanized aluminum coating not only lends greater durability and strength, but it also protects them from the impact of weathering. Their ability to withstand impact and damage is why they are the top choice for property owners with pets. Easy installation and long-term maintenance are other exceptional features these metal fencing designs offer.

While it does allow natural lighting into your property, chain link fencing offers absolutely no privacy. Unlike wood, it doesn’t add much to your property’s aesthetic appeal, and there is little room to customize it.


If you need more information about wood or chain link fencing products, turn to the experienced team at Heartland Fence Company. For more than 20 years, these fence contractors have provided Claremore, OK, and the surrounding areas with top-tier fencing products. Learn more about their services by calling (918) 342-3247 or visiting their website.

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