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3 Major Risks of Buying Pet Care Medications Online September 28, 2017

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3 Major Risks of Buying Pet Care Medications Online, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Pet care includes more than giving some TLC to your furry friend at the end of the day. Dogs and cats of all kinds require medication to keep them in optimal health. From flea and tick prevention to vaccinations, medical pet care is just as important as the simple routine you go through every day to keep your pet happy. Unfortunately, some pet owners wrongly assume they can simply purchase their pet’s medications online. While this seems too convenient to pass up, the reality is that it can be harmful to the animal’s health. 

Below are three major risks that come with buying pet medications over the internet:

  • Compromised Quality: When it comes to giving your pet medications, it’s vital for them to be the highest quality. When buying pet medications online, there is no way of knowing how old the medicine is, how it’s been handled, whether it was damaged during the shipping process, or if they’ll even be effective by the time they reach your doorstep. By ordering medicine directly through a veterinarian, you’re guaranteed a fresh, new, and authentic medication to help your pet stay healthy. 
  • pet careLack of Expertise: Aside from picking up flea and tick prevention medication or vitamins, you are still required to provide a prescription from a vet who knows your pet’s medical history. Because veterinarians have years of experiences, they will provide personalized advice based on your pet’s specific needs. 
  • Longer Wait Time: When your pet needs medication quickly, there isn’t a more convenient way to get the correct dosage than by ordering directly through the veterinarian. Buying your medications online means you have to wait for processing and shipping time, leaving your pet in a state of distress and less-than-perfect health until the package arrives. If your pet has a condition requiring easy access to their medicine, buying directly through your pet care provider is the best option. 


If you’re a pet owner in Rhinelander, WI, and are in the market for a reliable veterinarian, work with the team at Animal Health Care Center North. This dedicated staff provides comprehensive care, including preventative, medical, and surgical procedures. For more information, visit them online, or give them a call at (715) 365-8387.

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