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How Does Chiropractic Treatment Work? September 28, 2017

St. Peters, St. Charles
How Does Chiropractic Treatment Work?, St. Peters, Missouri

Many people associate chiropractors with back pain. However, the main goal of chiropractic treatment is to deal with nervous system issues throughout the body; it does not necessarily require a specific medical condition. Below, Mid Rivers Chiropractic in St. Peters, MO, explains more about how chiropractic treatment works so you have a better understanding and can assess whether you may benefit from making an appointment.

How Does Chiropractic Treatment Work?

Chiropractors don’t just treat back and neck pain. These wellness professionals address issues within the nervous system, which is made up of three parts.

Central Nervous System

chiropractic treatmentThe central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal chord, and it controls the body’s movements. Chiropractic treatment involves manipulating the spine to provide pain relief and improve overall wellness. To treat a herniated disc, for example, a chiropractor may address the issue by massaging the area around the spine, using temperature therapy, or employing other methods that don’t involve medication.

Peripheral Nervous System

The peripheral nervous system triggers reflexes throughout the body by sending information from the digits and limbs to the brain. This means it affects the legs, feet, toes, arms, hands, and fingers. Diabetes is one condition that may disrupt this communication, requiring chiropractic treatment to restimulate the nerves and encourage blood flow to affected areas.

Autonomic Nervous System

Finally, the third component is called the autonomic nervous system. It controls the body motions you don’t think about, like digestion, hormone output, heart rate, and breathing. When your spine is out of alignment or nerves aren’t functioning properly, it can adversely affect your whole body, including these areas. Through spinal manipulation, massage, stretches, and other methods, chiropractic treatment will get your body back in sync, thus bringing improvements like lower blood pressure and improved lung function.

Through non-drug methods like nutritional counseling, massage, and electrotherapy, chiropractors will treat your entire body and address problems at their source. If chiropractic treatment would benefit you, make an appointment with Mid Rivers Chiropractic by calling (636) 279-1400. Visit their website to learn about their services.

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