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How Asphalt Repair Pros Fix Cracks October 11, 2017

Greece, Monroe
How Asphalt Repair Pros Fix Cracks, Greece, New York

Although asphalt is a durable material, it can crack over time. When it does, don’t try to fix it yourself. Instead, hire asphalt repair professionals. At Manel Paving, offering residential and commercial paving services in Rochester, NY, they use special tools and techniques to fix the crack thoroughly, restoring your driveway or parking lot to its original condition. They’ll also tell you what steps you can take to prevent these issues from forming in the future.

Asphalt Repair Pros Explain Why Your Surface Cracks & What They Can Do About It

How Cracks Form

Before temperatures drop below freezing in the winter, water sometimes leaks into small crevices in the asphalt. When it freezes, it expands, pushing the asphalt away. When it melts again, it contracts, and the asphalt sinks back in. If the crack isn’t repaired, this cycle will continue, with water leaking into the crack, freezing, and then melting again, making the crack even larger as a result.

How They’re Repaired

Asphalt Repair Rochester NYAsphalt repair teams generally use one of two techniques when fixing cracks. If they’re only addressing a few damaged areas scattered throughout the lot or driveway, they’ll mill out the crack, remove any loose material, and fill it in with asphalt. If there needs to be more substantial repair work, they’ll overlay patch. This process involves applying asphalt on top of the crack without milling it out. The overall effect isn’t as aesthetically pleasing, but it’s more affordable. Paving service companies usually offer it when the cost of repairing all your damage through milling would be too great.

After repairing the damage, the paving contractors might also recommend sealcoating your asphalt. By adding a protective layer over it, you’ll prevent water from leaking in.

If you need asphalt repair services in the Rochester, NY area, get in touch with Manel Paving. They’ve been serving the area since 1952, staying in business by delivering quality service. Once they assess the damage, they’ll let you know which repair option is best for your needs. Contact them online, or call (585) 647-1025.

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